Impact & ESG Report 2023


We invest in Entrepreneurs shaping the future
of education
& future of work

Tutoring marketplace for languages

The Fortnite for education

Screen-free story teller for children

Online school for entrepreneurship

Immersive platform for science learning

User-generated content platform for sharing study notes

Online career guidance

Collaborative LMS

The largest European Edtech & Future of Work VC

We believe that investment in human capital is key to better prepare current and future generations for the challenges of the 21st century.”

Marie-Christine Levet

Founding Partner

Litzie Maarek

Founding Partner

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Future of education

Education is a foundational pillar of our society. It is key to our future. Technology enables pedagogy to scale, improve learning outcomes and bridge the skills gap.


Higher education

Lifelong learning

Future of work

The main asset for organisations lies in their people. Attracting and engaging talents is crucial to create value; upskilling and reskilling individuals is necessary to adapt to a fast-changing world.

Skills & Training

Talent & Career

Engagement & Benefits

Over 30 companies in
our portfolio

Our Investment thesis

Innovative European companies

With a high potential to scale and become global category leaders

Founded by visionary entrepreneurs

Mission-driven entrepreneurs with strong leadership and vision

With a strong impact mission

Participating in building a sustainable society at scale

From late seed to Series B

Up to €10M per investment

Impact in our DNA

Education is a public good: every individual is entitled to an equal or equitable access to education of the best possible quality.


Educating and empowering the greatest number of learners and workers.


Providing education and career opportunities to all, fighting all forms of discrimination.


Improving learning efficacy and fulfilment at work.

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